For a long time now I have been having a cross hang from the rear view mirror in both my car and van. There have been a few instances it came in handy, other than the reason I hung them there. I remember having a man see it just as he was about to ask me if I wanted to buy some x-rated videos.

I had met with a friend for a sausage mcgriddle before going to the job we had. As we were going to our vehicles, me to my van and he to his truck, a man came from across the parking lot and said, Hey would you want, oh never mind you don’t.” He had seen the cross as I was about to get into the van.

I, at this point, had no idea what it was all about because he hadn’t completed the question, so I asked him what it was he was about to ask. He stated he was going to ask if I wanted to purchase some x-rated videos, so I told him, he was right I wouldn’t. Then there was the time I had a prostitute jump in my car.

I go to Greenville Tech to have my teeth cleaned, have been for quiet a few years. I always tried to get an afternoon appointment because the drive is about 5 hours. Having a 12:30 appointment let me leave about 7am, purchase a sausage biscuit at Hardee’s and get there on time, then leave there around 4pm getting a grilled chicken sandwich with a milkshake at Chick-fil-A as I came through Columbia.

But sometimes they give me a morning appointment, which is 8:30 so instead of leaving at 3am, I go up the evening before and get a room, usually at Motel 6. I can’t stay there anymore it closed after my last stay, but that’s another story. Anyway at one of these over night stays I had ate at Jack-in-a-box near by.

A short time later, I began to get the feeling heart burn was coming, so I went to a local convenience store for some milk, which always helps control heart burn if drank before it hits. Well it was raining and if you know how it is when you are in an area you don’t know well, it’s dark and raining, you can miss a driveway.

That’s what I did, I missed it but just beyond was a car wash so I turned in to go back. I never lock my doors and it was raining pretty hard. All of a sudden, just as I stopped to back up, here came this girl hoping into my car. She was soaked, and at first I had saw a man out there walking away so didn’t know if she was trying to get away from him.

I asked if she needed a ride, which her response was, “Do you want a girl friend?” Well I knew what she meant, so I said, “No, do you see that cross? That is for real.” Well the conversation went on as I tried to tell her of her need for Jesus, and her trying to convince me she had tried Jesus but it didn’t work for her. ETC, ETC, ETC.

But the point is, although it was used for telling others I was a Christian, that wasn’t the purpose I placed them there. I told a Sunday School class once, that I was teaching, I had those on my mirrors, but it wasn’t to tell others I was a Christian.

See the reason is to remind “me” I am, when things didn’t go well in traffic etc. See as I may get upset about something, there it was swinging there in front of my eyes, reminding me Who Jesus is, what He did for me, and who I am IN Jesus.

Some times I have even had one hanging across the computer monitor. I know you all thought I was perfect and didn’t need this type help, right? 🙂 NOT hardly!!

I wasn’t the first to think of this, God was: Deuteronomy 11:20, “You shall write them on the door posts of your house and on your gates.”

These were God’s Laws, how much more should we need and desire to obey Jesus?

Are you ever in need of a reminder?

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