We were waiting for a friend who was coming to pick us for a home group meeting. As we stood by the roadside waiting, the young boy, Jim, was attempting to climb a tree nearby. We warned him to stop because the tree didn’t look strong enough for climbing. We thought he stopped but he didn’t.

We got so involved with my wife—those of you who are married know how you can give your spouse undivided attention.


Our attention was called by the sound of a fall. We turned to look where the boy had been trying to climb the tree.

The tree stood at a gently sloping surface. When the boy fell, he rolled down the slope. We ran to pick him up, believing that he was hurt. Before we even reached him, he was up—he regained his standing posture.

“That was fun”, he said as he came to meet us.

“Did you get hurt?” We asked.

“No! It was fun” he answered as he ran past us towards the tree.

“What are you doing?” I asked him.

He was headed back to the tree. Since he had just had fun, he thought he would get another fun if he fell from it one more time. We restrained him and he wasn’t amused. He must have been wondering, ‘What is wrong with the adults? Why do they stop kids from having fun?’ Our efforts to explain to the boy that it was dangerous to climb the tree fell in deaf ears. He had just had an experience that disapproved our theory. He climbed the tree; fell and rolled down in a thrilling manner.

I wonder how many times God points out things that are dangerous but we tend to “disapprove” Him because we have had an experience with the so-thought of danger and came out unscathed—if anything, it was just fun? The result is that we would wish to have a repeat.

This kind of behaviour is like Adam and Eve “disapproving” God after eating the forbidden fruit on the account of the experience that the fruit was sweet and desirable.

To what else can we liken our stubbornness? It would be like prophet Jonah after having been vomited out of the sea by the fish, he would want to run away again from God and expect to have another adventurous ride in the belly of a fish.

Lord Jesus, help us understand that when You restrain us from what we think is fun, it is not because You are against fun but that You love us so much to allow us put our life in danger. May we not think that when we “got away” with something, it was not because what we did was alright so that we even use it to “disapprove” You. To the contrary, let us be sensitive to Your acts of grace and mercy.

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