We have a tendency of either not asking God for His leadership or deciding He should aid us in what we have already decided to do, I mean it is a great idea and will bring praise to Him. Might even grow the church or cause people to see their need for Him so He has to be for it, right? Looking back, I can see many times in my own life He should have done things my way, NOT!

There are many times I can look back and see His Hand in things that came my way, which were always blessings. Some didn’t look like blessings in the beginning but as I trusted in Him I saw the final result and praise Him for them!

In the Spring of 2001 the place I was working was having difficulty finding enough work for it’s employees and was working us 4 hours a week so we could pay for the insurance and they could keep us in case things picked up. I had many different types of experience so I was doing a little painting to supplement and it also gave me time to do work at the church, painting, upgrading the bathrooms with newer higher commodes, you know us older people can’t get up from a low seat. LOL

The pastor was blown away to see me change 3 of them in one hour, there were 5 altogether, he said, “They wanted $60. each to do these at Lowes.” I also started volunteering at a nursing home in town, when asked why I was doing that I could only say, “I don’t know, just know God wants me to.” That was all I knew so I just did it. But I would find out in a few months the, “why!”

When 9/11 happened, you know the Twin Towers were hit by the planes, the owner called us all, one by one in and told us the bad news. Five of us, me for one, was to be permanently layed off, lost too many orders and the country was in too much confusion. I understood, if you don’t have orders you can’t pay employees.

So now I had 4 more hours a week I could help others, did some repairs to a lady friends house (no charge, as with the church) but I didn’t worry about money, God had always provided and I knew He would again. But I also know He expects people to work for things UNless He has an idea up His sleeve and just ain’t told us yet.

I ran across a friend that had worked with me there and had left prior to the layoff. He told me of work at the airport in Charlotte, saying, “With all your mechanical experience they would jump at the chance to get you.” Gave me a bit of a big head, LOL. So I decided to go see about this job, did I ask God, no!

So off I go, it is about 30 miles away and for some reason I seemed to have ALL types of problems getting to Charlotte. So finally I ask, “Lord is this You causing me all this trouble?” Now I know people are always saying, “I have never heard God speak to me!” It was as if He was right there in the seat beside me and said, “Yes!”

Well that was all I needed to know, I turned around and headed back, no job no promise of one and I had no qualms about it. Did I care? Not at that point because God had basically said, don’t go to Charlotte. What I heard next wasn’t even in my thoughts so I knew it was from Him. I was very satisfied with where I was, the church, the apartment, the little town, the YMCA I frequented, my single life, come and go as I pleased, many things I was satisfied with, so the next I wasn’t expecting.

He said, “I am going to move you after the first of the year!” I’m like, huh? Then came the rest, “I want you to get rid of the extra car and the camper, you won’t need them where you’re going!” Up came the cell phone and clicking on my pastors number, I informed him of what God said and that I was donating the car and camper to the church to sell for the children’s ministry.

He asked me a simple question, “Where did He say He was moving you?” I could only reply, “He ain’t told me that part yet.” It made me feel good to know “God” had spoken to me so the where didn’t matter the best planer ever had a plan for me.

That was around the first of October, on November 22, 2001 (too long a story to explain but it too was a message from God) I met a Lady 250 miles from my home, fell for her like a rock, but she had an illness. She was in bad need of a liver, seems she had gotten a blood transfusion many years prior that had hepatitis “C” in it.

To make a long story short, January 6th. 2002 (what did God say- right after the first of the year) I moved to Georgia and now I knew the “why” seems I was in training at the nursing home to take care of her. We were married and the next year she went to Heaven the day before our first wedding anniversary. His plan all along!!

Lastly, don’t underestimate God or say I will not do something, He may just make you eat those words. πŸ™‚

Ain’t God Great? Yes He IS!

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