In Trusting God regardless of what I see #2a I had gotten to the point where I was giving my situation to God to do His will with REGARDLESS of what His will was. All I was concerned about was leading Bible studies. The officers and those locked up with me as well, were seeing something different about me, it was Jesus.

The August trial, well there wasn’t one it was postponed till September but was actually held in October, however I will get to that later. See I had witnessed with many and explained that I had given my future to God. I had one man come to me and said, “Everyone is watching you.”

When I sort of laughed and said “Why am I that funny looking?” He said, “No it is how you don’t seem to care about the outcome or even the fact you keep having to continually wait for your trial.” Had to explain “what” – Giving it to God meant! He said, “I don’t think I can do that.”

He had said many times how he believed in Jesus and how he was a Christian, but had problems – giving it to God – and I have found that in many others that say they are Christians. It’s like yeah, I know He is God and He can and will do anything He wants and nothing or no one can change that but……………

On October 25th. I was finally taken to trial. The State had a lady that was trying her best to justify her job and would tell anything to get someone held indefinitely, yes she lied. Well without taking a lot of time and room to tell it all I will just say she lied about things I told her. Plus remember the tests I told you about in 2a?

Seems when she was asked how I did in those tests she said, “He did too well.” Too well? I really gave that some though, so if I didn’t do too well that would be cause of holding me but since I did too well then that was cause to hold me! WHATEVER!

I will mention this, I did NOT do what I was locked up for, but I did a lot other things so I deserved being locked up, but wondered, did I do “TOO” good because the truth was coming out in their tests and wasn’t what they wanted to hear or admit??? Once you are convicted- nothing else matters to the world…….

However when the trial was over the judge determined that the evidence did NOT indicate I would re-offend and ordered my release. Now you would think I would go back to the cell pick up my little dab of stuff and leave, right? Not so simple, see the jailers can not release anyone without a “written” order from the judge.

Who has the responsibility to get that order to the judge for his signature? My attorney! This is when the people really watched me because I did not change day after day as I sat in jail conducting Bible studies and NOT saying anything to my attorney. Why? Remember Trusting God regardless of what I see #1 concerning the phone call?

My release like my trial was entirely in the hands of an almighty God that had my best interest in mind and I knew that so well! Ten days after the order was given it was signed and the jailers were turning me loose. Remember how I said I lost 20 pounds? There was one meal a month that you would not be hungry after eating it.

That meal was about to be served, so I was going out the door very hungry because I had nothing since breakfast and had been hungry that entire time, looking forward to that special meal, that NOW I wasn’t going to get. I walked out, with NO money, NO place to go, NO change of clothes, pants falling down remember the 20 lbs lost?

I could only call one person because I didn’t have money for the phone but a long distance call you can make if they will accept the charges. I was getting NO answer and was wondering what I was to do. Then an old friend came in to see me and of course I was out front trying to make a call. He offered to take me to my brothers house.

So off we went and stopping at the bank he got $10. and gave to me then would not leave until my brother got home and told him I would have a place to stay that night, which happened NOT to be at his house. Well to shorten this, God put a total of $90. in my pocket.

Promise of a place to stay, bucket of fried chicken and a 2 liter Pepsi before dark. Caught the bus next morning for Greenville SC where in a little over a week I was working for $11. an hour 68 hours a week. With nothing to pay but tithes and $60. a week for room and board.

I accumulated a bunch of money quickly which was good as the job was ending 3 months after I went to work there. God has been there with me through everything because I have been with Him the same! I trust God regardless of what I am seeing at the time and it has always paid off.

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