By J. S. Ramkissoon

For every lamb that would have been slain;
For each child with the spirit of Cain’,
The debt has been paid.

For the heart that is heavy with pain;
For the face on which tears leave a stain,
The debt has been paid.

For every trip to the priest you would have to make;
For each false accusation you will have to take,
The debt has been paid.

For every tongue that rises up against you;
For the depression, hovering over you,
The debt has been paid.

For every hanging face from shame and disgrace;
For the burdensome guilt that you wear on your face,
The debt has been paid.

For every struggle that you are facing today;
For every fiery darts heading your way,
The debt has been paid.

For the feeling of neglect and loneliness;
For the sorrow and the heaviness,
The debt has been paid.

The struggles we face today contribute to tomorrow’s growth, if we endure. It’s a process of becoming more Christ-like. Don’t give up! Go through the process, even though it hurts. Keep praise alive[1] and your dream will survive. People who are connected to us may not understand what we’re going through but we have the assurance that Christ feels our pain. So when temptation comes, remember to choose LIFE[2] for the death[3] that we had to die [the price for our sin] to satisfy God’s anger, has been paid. Jesus died, in our place, to pay the price for sin and reconnect us with God. He gave us the gift of life[4]. Death in the context of the cross means that our debt is fully paid—the death/debt has been paid.

Your sister in Christ
Janice S Ramkissoon

1 Isaiah 61:3
2 St. John 10:10 & 3:16
3 Romans 6:23a
4 Romans 6:23b

(First published in the Easter edition of the COGIC Shires District Magazine, 2010).


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