A Graduation Poem

May all you graduates spread your wings,
and learn to soar and do many things.

But in all that you do, remember this.
Life won’t always bring you bliss.

There will be times when the road is rough
And you will really have to hang tough.

With all that you do and all that you say,
Don’t forget God and walk in His way.

You must take time to watch and pray,
and seek His face each and every day.

So follow your dream and follow your heart,
But you and God must not be apart.

Let Him lead you, wherever you go,
and don’t always follow the world’s flow.

Just love God and seek to please Him,
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A Mother’s Day

Dishes to wash
Cakes to bake
Errands to run
Before it’s too late

Calls to return
Appointment to make
No time for that link-up
Need to set another date

Dinner ready – check!
Cakes baked – check!
Shopping done – check!
Oh dear! The school run again!
Best be on my way.

Home again…Phew! What a Day!
I think I‘ll go have that foot spa
“Mom, time to play”
Oh! I forgot – no set schedule to:
A Mother’s day.

© 2008 Janice S Ramkissoon

The Debt has been Paid

By J. S. Ramkissoon

For every lamb that would have been slain;
For each child with the spirit of Cain’,
The debt has been paid.

For the heart that is heavy with pain;
For the face on which tears leave a stain,
The debt has been paid.

For every trip to the priest you would have to make;
For each false accusation you will have to take,
The debt has been paid.

For every tongue that rises up against you;
For the depression, hovering over you,
The debt has been paid.

For every hanging face from shame and disgrace;
For the burdensome guilt that you wear on your face,
The debt has been paid.
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Father, Where Were You?

I had a father who was my care-giver

But that role was meant for you.

I need a father for so many things

That should be coming from you.

Your shoulder was never offered for comfort,

You abandoned me, so I cried.

Your arms were never there to embrace,

You didn’t see the pain or felt the hurt inside.

I loved you but you didn’t love me back.

My eyes are red from the many tears I cried.

I prayed for you and hoped you were praying too.

I felt unloved. It left a void deep down inside.

My mind confused, not knowing what to do,

But these feelings haunt me:

‘Unwanted’ ‘Unloved’ ‘The outsider’ An ‘Outcast’ too.
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