Rise Above the Rut

How many young men have ever asked the question: “Is there something more I could be doing with my life? You say, “I have a good career, a great family, and my spiritual journey is going well, so what do you mean?”

Or, if you are still single or going to college, you might add, “I have goals and I know what I want to do, so what are you talking about?”

If a conservative minded, biblically-focused person entered into this discussion, he might further propel it forward by seeking to follow God’s will for his life.

What am I getting at? My point is this: Each young man has particular spiritual gifts, abilities, talents, and something that makes you, uniquely you. Are you planning your life in accordance with these things, so as to maximize yourself and make your life count to the fullest?
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Becoming the Man God Designed You to Be

Young men, I am sure that all of you reading this desire to become good providers. You want to become successful in life. You also desire to be a good example and role model to others, especially your children. Certainly, you want to have positive relationships, especially with your wife.

I am writing to men here because men do not talk much about these issues, and men don’t want to admit that they don’t “have it all together.”

All of us must identify any negative experiences, relational issues, or teachings that are not bringing positive results in life, and in spiritual and emotional maturity. We must identify specific things like anger, low self-esteem, depression, lack of forgiveness, or the inability to develop and maintain functional and positive relationships. One must explore his past to see if any specific things in his church, school, or family upbringing have negatively impacted the present.
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8 Steps to Dumping Your Past

Young people bring many teachings and experiences into their adult life, from home, school, and church settings. The first 18-20 years of life will many times determine how their lives will go as these teachings and experiences become manifested in the age group of 20-30. The teachings and experiences that are producing a negative result in marriage, relationships, careers, overall success in life, and in emotional and spiritual maturity must be dumped. How does this happen?

1. Drop the mask. Don’t pretend you do not have any problems. Especially, do not use your religious activities and relationship with God as a mask.

2. Admit you have issues and weaknesses. We all do.
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