What Everyone Needs to Know about Their Salvation 2 of 3

The first reason to believe in eternal security is because Salvation is of the Lord. We looked at that in the previous article and, with an open mind, discussed asking God to change our thinking on the issue if needed. The goal for any teacher, or preacher, should not be trying to make sure they’ve always been right, but instead to make sure they presently are right. So, again, I ask you to hear me out before you pass judgment on me or this doctrine. Don’t be like a programmed machine, investigate Scripture and decide for yourself.

A second reason to believe in eternal security is the language found in the following passage:
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Forgiveness or Justice

Justice is a positive word and is certainly the ultimate verdict for the wicked who failed to repent and ask God for forgiveness. Nevertheless, the truth is that most of the calls we make for justice are expressions of anger, hurt and desire to see that one pays for the wrongs one committed.

We rarely think about it but behind “justice” hides the spirit of vengeance. This means that the call for justice may be nothing but a euphemism (i.e. a convenient, pleasant or mild) rendering for “vengeance”.

For the true spirit of Christ, it is only God that has the measure of justice. Christians who refuse to forgive may hide behind the calls of justice when what they are pursuing is vengeance.
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