10 Commandments Are Not Gods Highest Standard

You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect. Matt 5:48 ESV

I used to believe and many teach that Matthew 5:48 talks about perfect law keeping. I was wrong. It is talking about a much higher standard of perfection that simply keeping the written law can never attain.

We should be very thankful that God gave us the written law we see in the Ten Commandments as opposed to insisting we keep the perfect spirit of the those Commandments or come under judgment. God’s perfect standard is actually watered down in the Ten Commandments which will appear easy to keep once a person realizes Gods perfect standard cited below. The commandments are only a shadow the reality.
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How to Stop Sin

This study reveals the truth that going back to the law is not the way to stop sin. The Bible teaches that a firm belief in your complete and totally forgiveness and God’s love for you, is the only way to produce the fruits of the spirit necessary to stop outwards acts of sin in our life.

If as a Christian you are caught in sin, going back to the Law is not the answer to your problem.

You may not realize that the Bible teaches we were made sinners, born with an inherited fallen nature, due solely to Adams disobedience. Our outward acts of sin are the symptoms of our inherited nature.
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