How many young men have ever asked the question: “Is there something more I could be doing with my life? You say, “I have a good career, a great family, and my spiritual journey is going well, so what do you mean?”

Or, if you are still single or going to college, you might add, “I have goals and I know what I want to do, so what are you talking about?”

If a conservative minded, biblically-focused person entered into this discussion, he might further propel it forward by seeking to follow God’s will for his life.

What am I getting at? My point is this: Each young man has particular spiritual gifts, abilities, talents, and something that makes you, uniquely you. Are you planning your life in accordance with these things, so as to maximize yourself and make your life count to the fullest?

Of course, having a good paying job is important, but there is a huge difference between earning a living and building a life. I challenge every young man reading this, to think beyond the job, the money, and your own personal goals, to set your sights upon doing something, using your own uniqueness and message, to further the Kingdom of God and helping others.

What we all do with our lives-going to our jobs, coming home at the end of each day, engaging in activities, playing around on the cell phone, ipod, or internet, then doing this all over again day after day, can become a rut. Someone defined a rut as “a grave with no ends.”

We need to rise above the rut of routine living and stand up to make a difference in the crowd.

Every Christian young man has something inside him that he can use to make a difference. Take some time to dream, to assess your uniqueness, and then ask the question: “Am I making the most of my life, or am I settling for less than what I could have been?”


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