Are you making the most of your time, as a good steward of God, and in an attempt to use your uniqueness to help advance the Kingdom of God? Take out a piece of paper and make a list of all the activities in which you are involved, other than family or vocation related areas, that take your time, energy, and focus. I am also not talking about wholesome entertainment or recreation, however, even that can be a diversion, though in a good way, because at times we all need to just get away from our problems and routine of living. Then evaluate each of them based upon the following factors.

1. How much of what you are doing is accomplishing absolutely nothing?

2. How much of it is used as a diversion from the trials of life instead of dealing with them?

3. What amount of it is helping you grow as a person?

4. What percentage of it is directed toward fulfilling your passion and purpose?

5. How much of it has simply become a habit with no purpose?

6. To what point are you doing things just to be a “people pleaser’?

7. To what extent do you do things just to counteract low self-esteem or to gain recognition?

8. How much of what you do is nothing more than “religious activity”?

9. How much of what you do is done just because there is no one else to do it, especially in the context of church?


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