A short time back there was a Lady that asked a series of questions.

1. How can we know if it is satan we encounter?

Answer: When we are tempted to do anything that is against the teaching of the Bible on how to live we are encountering him.

2. Can we see him?

Not physically, but we can see his work in the lives of those that follow him, and actually live for him. Most don’t know that it is happening in their lives because they are blind to his deceitful ways.

3. Should we pray for his salvation?

This was, of course, the easiest question to answer. Jesus came because of the evil he caused through Adam. Jesus died to please His Fathers requirements for “our” (human) salvation. We were created to be a joy to God, to fellowship with Him. satan caused a rift, with his deceitful ways, between us. So God in Gen. 3:15 He told satan he would one day, in the future, Jesus would crush (destroy) his head. All through the Bible beginning with this verse we are told satan would be destroyed, therefore there is no forgiveness, but of course he is filled with hate and would never concede anyway. By the way, you may notice I don’t capitalize satan, he doesn’t deserve it, so I don’t. Yes I know, the first word in a sentence should be, BUT 😉

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