Trusting God regardless of what I see #2a

As mentioned in Trusting God regardless of what I see #1, I was incarcerated in 1991 and in 1999 was scheduled to be released on June 15th. The state had a law that required them to release anyone incarcerated between 1981 and 1993 six months early on Supervised Furlough which would be Dec.14th 1998 for me.

In 1995 there was a great out cry for doing more to criminals, feeling it would appease voters, those running for any type office promised a “Get tough on crime” policy to get votes, each trying to out do the other with threats to criminals.

I remember Bob Dole said, “Those in prison better pray that I don’t get to be president.” Did that sound like a Christian? I didn’t think so and guess God did not honor that threat. He must not have know we did talk to the One in charge.
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Trusting God regardless of what I see #1

Things have come to my mind as I have gotten this site up and running and in writing these posts it is my desire to not only tell my particular situations but to hear from the readers as well. So please say what is on your mind. Oh and if you disagree with me on ANY subject feel free to say so. All I ask is that you provide Scripture supporting your thoughts and ideas. At no time will reject honest disagreeing with me or any one else on here. We learn from each other and at the very least it will cause us all to do more research in God’s Word, which can help everyone of us.
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Resurrection One Day!

The Resurrection mentioned in the Bible seems to have a few different interpretations from right before the Tribulation, Pre Trib, middle ways of the Tribulation, Mid Trib, Slightly past the middle, Pre Wrath, and after the Tribulation period, Post Trib, there is also the one where it will not occur till after the 1,000 year reign of Christ right before the Judgement, not sure what itโ€™s called.

All have supporting Scripture, but that is something I have found, if you read with a preconceived belief it is easy to find Scripture to support that belief. I will not get into that here but at a later time.
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Questions were asked

A short time back there was a Lady that asked a series of questions.

1. How can we know if it is satan we encounter?

Answer: When we are tempted to do anything that is against the teaching of the Bible on how to live we are encountering him.

2. Can we see him?

Not physically, but we can see his work in the lives of those that follow him, and actually live for him. Most don’t know that it is happening in their lives because they are blind to his deceitful ways.

3. Should we pray for his salvation?

This was, of course, the easiest question to answer. Jesus came because of the evil he caused through Adam. Jesus died to please His Fathers requirements for “our” (human) salvation. We were created to be a joy to God, to fellowship with Him. satan caused a rift, with his deceitful ways, between us. So God in Gen. 3:15 He told satan he would one day, in the future, Jesus would crush (destroy) his head. All through the Bible beginning with this verse we are told satan would be destroyed, therefore there is no forgiveness, but of course he is filled with hate and would never concede anyway. By the way, you may notice I don’t capitalize satan, he doesn’t deserve it, so I don’t. Yes I know, the first word in a sentence should be, BUT ๐Ÿ˜‰

OK – Time to Begin


Today as is many days, I was driving down the road and noticed a trailer sitting in the yard of a house that had burned and therefore no one lives there anymore. The first thought that entered my mind was how it seemed no one needed nor wanted that trailer and I need to haul things so why not take it for myself.

That is the type of thing I used to would have done and although I would not do it today because Jesus changed me. But it seems that although I have been changed and would not steal the trailer, it still comes across my mind.
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Our Hope

For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again,
and that the tender branch thereof will not cease.
(Job 14:7 KJV)

Every day we are tempted to sin and our faith is tested. Some days it is small, mostly harmless like stepping into a shallow mud puddle. But, sometimes we fall into a pit of quicksand and there is no answer to our cries for help. And there we are, wondering if God, Himself, has turned his back on us.

As we question God, our faith fades, and hope quickly follows. Intentional suicide is always the result of no more hope. So, how do you keep your faith when it looks like God has given up on you?

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