What is the “IT” that nothing can compare to? It is a relationship with Jesus. He will not only forgive you of anything and everything you have done wrong BUT will help you to live His ideal life for you.

I have told of some of my sinful past and the things I went through even mentioned one case of my present where I was tempted. Will have more if God chooses to have me share but for now will talk about a love that amazes me and very little amazes me.

When we consider this God (Jesus) that hates sin and knowing what a sinner I was and still fail to do as I should. He created everything we can see and much we can’t. He is awesome to say the least!

So why would He even care about some termite like me that has messed up His beautiful creation and snubbed my nose at Him by doing so? It isn’t as though I didn’t know He existed, I just didn’t care and showed it with my life.

What my biggest problem was I didn’t like someone having authority over me. My bosses over the years realized that very quickly with my attitude of, you asking or telling? Which was the same with the police and government officials, no one and I mean NO one told Calvin what to do! Yeah, I even bucked the IRS, and won.

Don’t act like you are shocked, you did the same if you knew God was but acted as if He wasn’t! But I am talking about me. Today, I am a child of this wonderful loving God. Why? Because He, yes He wanted me to be His child and allowed me to be placed in a position to “cause” me to turn to Him!

As I have said before He had to slap me off my high horse, and God is just the One that can and will do it. I appreciate Him caring for me that much. Think about it what are you like?

If you are a dad or mother, haven’t you spanked that child, because you love them? When they get into something that will harm them aren’t you willing to do what is necessary to DO whatever it takes to save them?

He did just that some where in the area of 2,000 years ago. He saw mankind (me) heading to the pit of fire He made for Satan and those that followed him, because we (I) was following him.

God set up rules for anyone to get into His heaven, it was ONLY those that lived a perfect life and wrote laws (10 Commandants) to let us know what He expected, we meet that He would let us in. There was the rub!

We tried and we ALL failed as (Romans 3:11, there is no one who understands, no one who seeks God.) (Psalms 14: 1b-3, There is no one who does good. The LORD has looked down from heaven upon the sons of men to see if there are any who understand, who seek after God. They have all turned aside, together they have become corrupt; There is no one who does good, not even one.)

That, as with all in God’s Word, is true, we all (I too) didn’t seek God but He seeks us and in so many ways reaches out to share His wonderful love with any and all that will believe and accept His Forgiveness and Lord Ship.

Remember how I had a problem with authority, how no one told Calvin what to do? Well believe me, although I do mess up at times, He is my BOSS, my Lord and I never “want” to disappoint Him. No one has ever loved me as He does.

No one has ever loved you as He does either! Just remember His desire is to erase all the bad in your past, as though it never took place. Start you with a brand new slate and will help you to live the life He and you (if you’re honest) desires.

Look at what he did for me, being the sinner I was, as I tell people that say nice things about me, it isn’t me you are seeing, it is Jesus in me. Thank you Jesus, my Lord and my God!

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