I was born in Kenya and lived there for the next 30 years.

When I went abroad for further studies in a cold country, I knew nothing practical about winter. The way the ground could get frozen and slippery, especially an icy road, was something that I would have appreciated if someone warned me about.

I was out one morning cycling to the university, some 6 km away. The lecture was soon beginning. If I cycled as fast as I used to, I wouldn’t be late for the lecture.

It was cold but that was all I had known that far about winter. I had taken care of that by putting on warm clothes. For me, that was all that I needed to do against the cold weather.

I never noticed that the road was icy. It was just a question of time before I hit the ground. I was approaching a bend. I checked the watch and thought to myself, “I have made it”. But had I? The university was hardly 300 meters away and I still had about 7 minutes on my side.

What happened next was so fast it took me time to figure out whether I was having a bad dream or it was real. The bicycle was going right, the direction I had attempted to turn towards, as I was skating first on my knees before rolling over and doing it on my back, straight on the road. And there were vehicles on that road. What a narrow escape?

What happened? I had no idea! I later learnt that I had ignorantly mixed four incompatibles: Full speed, icy ground, braking and a bend. Because of the speed, I needed to brake a bit before I could be able to take the bend. I fell so hard and it happened so fast that I had no chance.

At least someone would have warned me how to behave on a slippery ground; that taking care of the cold was not only about warm clothes.

Did you know that life can be very slippery without Christ? With Christ you can cope with life because of the hope.

Did you know that living your life without accepting Jesus Christ to be your Lord and Savior is the worst thing you’ll ever do to yourself?

If only I knew how fearful it is cycling at full speed while taking a bend on an icy road, I would have rather missed the lecture than risk the kind of falling I experienced.

When the time comes for you to take the bend of life, let the knowledge of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, stop you from falling. Without Him, it is certain that you’ll fall so hard and so fast that you wouldn’t have a chance of survival. Nobody told me, but I have told you. There is just no better way of putting it.

Don’t make indifference and ignorance be your downfall. Don’t think that the warmth provided by “religious clothes” is all you need to take care of the coldness of sin.

Don’t allow religion confuse you so as to refuse Christ. Generally, religion is a rebellion while relationship with Jesus Christ is redemption. Have you been redeemed?

If you would like to receive Christ as Lord and Savior, please CLICK HERE for more instructions.

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