I recently have encountered this situation and need to interrupt the 6 part series that I have been working on. This is very important and needs to be addressed.

Sometimes we don’t like something someone has done or said so we label them. As soon as we do that their ideas, thoughts and suggestions lose importance.

It is the same person, the same ideas, thoughts and suggestions that they would have given anyway BUT now not to be considered! Not only in our own eyes but we project it to others as well.

I’ll share an example of myself:

I was married for 28 years, 6 months and 9 days to my first wife, not that I’m counting- LOL

When I said something, whether it was reasonable or not it was accepted as true and reliable. Like after our youngest swallowed some gasoline (by mistake) and I told her to give him a large glass of milk.

She wondered so called the hospital and was told to give him milk and do NOT induce vomiting. That was about the only time she even wondered if I knew what I was talking about.

Once she was taking our other son someplace and asked me if there was enough gas in the car to make the trip there and back. I said, “Yes!” She got in cranked the car and as she was driving out of the driveway, my son, being inquisitive, looked at the fuel hand. It was on empty, so he told his Mom and she responded, “Your Father said there was enough.”

There were other instances but I won’t get into anymore here, however the fact was, if I said it, it was all she needed!

Then came the day! In April 1991, I became the most ignorant, un-knowledgeable person on earth.

Once she was giving her mother a sewing machine. Now right off you would think- so?

Well the so, is, she owned a sewing business and it was one of those machines she wanted to give her. Anyone that is or was in any kind of business realizes machinery is listed with- Who? Yep the IRS and is depreciated yearly. So anytime you DO anything with said items you MUST consider them.

But when I said something about having to look into her giving it to her mother, you would have though I shot her mother- the look I got and the-WHY? See I had been labeled!

When I went to prison and gave her all that I had plus the ability to sign my name to all contracts, I tried to tell her who she should pay and who for her not to. Well there was that “labeled” thing again- I had no idea what was best!

We have a tendency to do that to people we know and people we barely hear about. I am amazed at the people that will determine a person’s guilt based off of news reports and the police allegations. We see people destroyed in the media all the time.

Recently we have heard about a man in Florida that shot another man. The “media” reported he had been told by the 911 operator not to follow the man, which was a LIE!

I knew a man that had a sandwich shop in Gastonia years ago. Made some of the best ham sandwiches in the world (my opinion). Everyone at one point or another ate there, the police frequented his place.

Well we had an outbreak of hepatitis and the Gastonia Gazette (yeah I named them) wrote an article on it saying: That Mr XXXX had hepatitis and so did many that ate there. Did they mention the hundreds that ate there and DIDN’T have it “like me?” NO! That would not feed the flames. Soon he was out of business!

I was in a group in South Carolina, trying to get a video about Jesus into every home in the state. When one reporter from WBTV news wanted to do a story on it, he was asked. What is the controversy? When he said there wasn’t one. They said NO!

Just to say if it doesn’t anger, upset, or hurt you in some way, then they don’t want to report it. The last people you should trust with the REAL truth is the news media.

So next time you see where someone is being talked about “negatively” just remember you DON’T know the real story nor the whole TRUTH!

By the way, yes they made the trip and she got home just fine. Later in the day, I took the car and filled it up. 🙂


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