Suppose you are building a house where would you want to spend most of your energy and resources?

Just as many spend lots of resources on decoration rather than on foundation, so it is in the way people spend their life-time and resources on decorative rather than fundamental values.

It is the foundation we build our lives on that will determine whether we will withstand the storms or be swept away.

When we speak expediencies and conveniences instead of convictions from the Word of God, we may decorate our society with what people want to hear. This, however, will prove fatally expensive when the storms begin to test our foundations.

If we are keen on building secure foundation, we will have to embrace patience because we would be digging downwards when people we started with are building sky crappers. If you look at life generally, you can easily identify people who have built certain aspects of life very fast because they took shortcut.

When a believer takes a shortcut because he/she doesn’t want to face the cost of waiting upon God, it is called compromise. May the Lord help us not be swept by the pace of the flesh.

At the end of the day, it is the wisdom of the Word of God that determines whether one would remain standing after the storm has raged across our life.

Remember: Storms respect foundation not decoration.

(See Matthew 7:24-27).


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