Justice is a positive word and is certainly the ultimate verdict for the wicked who failed to repent and ask God for forgiveness. Nevertheless, the truth is that most of the calls we make for justice are expressions of anger, hurt and desire to see that one pays for the wrongs one committed.

We rarely think about it but behind “justice” hides the spirit of vengeance. This means that the call for justice may be nothing but a euphemism (i.e. a convenient, pleasant or mild) rendering for “vengeance”.

For the true spirit of Christ, it is only God that has the measure of justice. Christians who refuse to forgive may hide behind the calls of justice when what they are pursuing is vengeance.

It is impossible to clamour for justice and still have a functional forgiving spirit. Forgiveness and vengeance are mutually exclusive.

When we forgive for whatever ills committed against us, it doesn’t mean the person who committed the ill will get away with what he did. If he doesn’t repent and ask God to forgive him, our forgiveness will not do him any good. It will only do us all the good, namely, we shall have cleared our heart from being weighed down by the pain that may plague our bones. When we forgive, we get healed and the burden of hurt is lifted off our shoulders.

Do yourself a favour, forgive someone today—regardless of whatever he/she committed against you (See Luke 23:34 and Acts 7:60).

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful day if you make it a forgiving day?

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