Wednesday 29th April 2009

07:00 – I went into the kitchen to start breakfast, shortly after devotion, this morning. A down feeling came over me. I started singing the following song and bringing forth the following message:

“Bless the Lord

Oh my soul

And all that is within me

Bless His holy name…”

“I’m encouraging myself in the Lord today because the enemy desires to keep me down, and I refuse to stay this way” It was hard to praise with that heaviness and I started to think of others in similar situation and how I could encourage them. At this point, I envisaged a congregation of people with the spirit of heaviness upon them and I started to say to them, “I want you to help me bless the Lord today. Tell yourself to bless His holy name. Come on and…

“Bless the Lord

Oh my soul

And all that is within me

Bless His holy name”

I believe in so doing I commanded my mind to stay on the Lord.

07:45 – Then I started singing the hymn “I must tell Jesus all of my troubles. I cannot bear these burdens alone…” (I then wrote the title down).

Then I started singing a song I was recently inspired to write:

It’s the love of Jesus Christ

Dwelling inside of me

It’s bubbling, bubbling, bubbling

Inside of me

And it makes me wanna sing:

I’ve got peace like a river

I’ve got joy overflowing

It’s His love—It’s contagious

Jesus is everything and all that I need

After singing this song, I had a flood of inspiration that I uttered aloud as I made breakfast. After breakfast, I sat down and recorded those thoughts:

08:30 – Entering the enemy’s camp (The following are the inspiration received after my time with God this morning.) It includes the following topics:

Entering the Enemy’s Camp

Bondage vs. Freedom:

Re-claiming my stuff:

Fear [Reverence to God] Versus Fear [Being afraid]

What is the spirit of fear?

Now that we know that, we are more than conquerors

>>>continues in part 2


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