Dixie is my little dog. She sits in a chair and although I don’t see her, she is lying there with her head on the arm of the chair- looking at me!

Yes she just stares at me, I have been on my computer many times and looked back to see her staring at me. She loves me so!

The other day she was on my lap, she’s a small dog, and just leaned her head back and looked up into my face- as to say I adore you.

I take her with me sometimes when I go places, especially over night, she sits right up against me, with her head on my stomach napping.

If it’s a short trip she is as tight up beside me as she can get and if someone gets close she will begin to growl- it’s fake cause she doesn’t bite.

I am her master, what I say goes, she will stay right next to me if I let her walk beside me- never need a leash, all I have to do is say- Dixie!

One day as she was coming in the door, I patted her rear, she looked like I hit her hard, then I began to pat her rear roughly but she knew it was fun so she loved it.

At first she though, she had disappointed me and was ready to take a whipping- which I have done only once- when she had went out of the yard.

Yes I have no fence but she never leaves the yard- because she knows I don’t want her to.

Now why am I talking so much about my dog, Dixie, on a site devoted to Jesus?

Because when I look at how much she loves me, how she doesn’t want to disappoint me, how I am basically her all in all,

Her master, her lord, her king, as I said her everything- it makes me wonder- Why am I not like that with Jesus? He deserves it!


There is an old saying- I wish I was as good as my dog thinks I am! My Lord, Jesus, is that good. I should look into His eyes with that same wistful look she gives me.


I should never want to do anything to disappoint Him, I should adore Him all the time, I should sit and just stare at my Jesus,


When He looks around He should always see me staring at Him- just waiting for Him to speak to me. I fail miserably!


Matthew 22:37, Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.


This should be on our minds from the time we wake till we have fallen asleep again!


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