The Luton Gospel Community Choir (LGCC) continues to serve the community here in Bedfordshire (UK) and its surrounding communities, for the past 9 years. They are on the radio; on our television screens; in our local schools and churches; in our local mall…They are actively spreading the good news of the gospel(1).

On Saturday, 29 October 2011, the Choir held their ninth anniversary concert at the Dunstable Conference Centre. It has been receiving very good reports of its impact on the community. It takes hard work and dedication to remain committed to such a cause. Although pictures are posted of smiling faces and videos are shared with voices in harmony, success like this does not come without sweat and tears. Ensuring the work continues to move forward comes with joys and sorrows. It is for this reason I take the time to give God thanks for the work He has done through this team and say a big THANK YOU and WELL DONE!

I look back on how God can use simple things that people say and do to bring about healing. Simple things like, a reassuring hug; smile or handshake and actions that says, “I accept you, despite your flaws” or the giving of one’s time and being hospitable (love in its varying form). It always puts a smile on my face when I think of LGCC.

I was invited to the group in the capacity of a writer but God used some of the individuals present, at the time of my first encounter with the group, to speak into the areas of my life that needed healing. I revisited my love for music and started singing again (the avenue through which God would bring healing) and soon I was able to see much clearer than I did before. I shared some of my healing stories in the 2009 reviews of the choir rehearsals. You can access these articles via notes on the LGCC Facebook page. One such article includes, ‘A Gift—The Garment of Praise’ accessible via the link below: (

Each voice added to the team makes it stronger and more powerful. Thank you choir members for your hard work, whether you have shared with the team for one concert or have continued with the group since its inception. Your support continues to be a valuable part of this ministry. May God’s blessings continue to flow through your lives as He takes you to a higher level in worship and service. Continue to raise your voices in one accord for the glory of our soon coming King. As you continue to ‘Minister through Songs’, give as unto the Lord, not as men-pleasers, and God will get the glory and will continue to minister to your needs. It pays to do as unto the lord because you never know who will be sent into your life to receive a blessing from Him. I am blessed to have been exposed to this ministry and I give God thanks for those to whom He gave the vision as well as to the individuals He has brought into my life to help beautify it. Please allow me to encourage you to “Keep the dream alive!” You are shining like the stars you were created to be. Never lose focus of the goal. Allow God to be the central focus of all decision-making process and watch Him take you even higher.

As you continue on this journey, I pray that you will allow The Holy Spirit to continue doing His perfecting work in you. As you continue to minister to the community, I pray that souls will be born for the Kingdom; broken hearts will mend and spiritual renewal will take place.

To God be the glory for the successes of this ministry. Be blessed and continue to be a blessing in the lives of others.

Your sister in Christ,
Janice S Ramkissoon
01st November 2011.

(1)__ Matthew 28:18-20


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