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A Hurting Soul Speaks Out Part 3

“For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another” (Galatians 5:13).

If you are a leader who have fallen from grace, God is calling you to accountability. It is not too late to start living the way God intended you to live. He has called you as a servant-leader and so, you should no longer abuse your leadership position. Whatever sin you struggle with today, God is able to deliver you. God gave you the authority and placed you in a position from where you can use that authority to be a vessel of honour.
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A Hurting Soul Speaks Out Part 2

You may have to wait for many years to experience your morning breeze, which will naturally take you into the brightness of the day. Some individuals will find that it takes decades while others will have a much shorter time to endure the pain.

However long your night is, remember that God designed us and He knows our threshold. He alone knows how much we can bear and He promised that He will not give us more than we can bear. So know that the challenges you currently face, God has already granted you the strength to endure and He says, ‘My grace is sufficient for you.’ The enemy of our souls will try to make us think otherwise, when things do not seem to be happening in the time that we expected it. But they were never going to happen within our timescale; God is always in control.
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Eliminating Jealousy And Envy

Jealousy and envy are two very strong forces to be reckoned with as they lead to destruction. They are elements that have ruined many lives, and caused the death of millions. Envy and jealousy have been the reason that relationships have ended, or at the very least, are strained. They are weapons used by the enemy in his attempt to divide and destroy the Church. As much as we may want to blame him for everything, we must realize that jealousy and envy already exists in carnal man; therefore, he is able to use people as his weapons by virtue of what is in them. When these carnal qualities are allowed to operate in believers, it hurts the Father because they cause His children to hurt one another. This in turn strains our relationship with Him. This is something for each of us to consider: We may be brothers and sisters in the Lord, but we are God’s children first. That means we should be treating one another as the Father would treat us.
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A Hurting Soul Speaks Out Part 1

“If a man shuts his ears to the cry of the poor, he too will cry out and not be answered” (Proverbs 21:13, NIV).

When I hurt I want to share with someone who understands what it is like to need a ‘shoulder to cry on’. But often I bear the pain alone. It is not that my loved ones don’t care about me but often, due to the cares of this world (which sometimes find them dealing with their own pain) they have no time for me or patience to help me deal with the issues causing me pain. This scenario is not unique to me. We see this in all aspects of life as we journey through.
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Entering the Enemy’s Camp – Part 3

Fear versus Fear

There is fear of the Lord meaning, a ‘deep awe and reverence for the majesty and holiness of God.’ Proverbs 1:7 tells us that, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.” The fear of the Lord is what keeps us from contaminating our vessels. Fear of the Lord is therefore, the start of our Christian journey, I believe. “Men and brethren, children of the stock of Abraham and whosoever among you feareth God, to you is the word of this salvation sent.” (Acts 13:26, KJV)

Then there is fear—to be afraid, frightened. This fear is what the enemy uses to trap many babes in Christ. Being a babe in Christ is not threatening to the enemy and his army of demons. However, a mature believer who continues to grow [getting closer to God through prayer and fasting; reading the bible and applying its instructions to their lives—faith in action; constantly praising God] that is a follower of Christ who can do damage to the kingdom of darkness. That’s a believer who is armed with weapons of mass destruction, ready and willing to go into the enemy’s camp and not just take back what he has stolen, but seal the entrance where he once gained access to carry out the operation of robbery. Then help release the prisoners.
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The Solution Disguised in the Problem

Did you know that the same switch that put off your light can put it on again? Of course you do! Since it is the same switch that puts on and off your light, it depends on what you decide to do with the switch. If it has put off your light, switch it again.

Did you know that the same stairs that took you “down” can take you “up”? Of course you do! Should you find yourself down, having been taken there by the stairs, don’t complain. Whether you will remain down or go up depends on you. If you want to be “up”, reverse your direction and follow the same stairs that took you down—they will take you up, guaranteed!
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