The purpose, I feel, God wants this site is for those of us that know we need each other to walk the Christian walk, can gather to give and receive needed aid. It is for us all to be able to share our trials, burdens, weaknesses and to pray for each other. Give best advice possible, usually because of past experience in a particular situation, after asking God to help us to do so. It will not all be serious because we all need joyful moments and no where is it a sin to enjoy ourselves. But it will be provided as needed to any of us hurting from any of the forgoing problems.

  We accept we are all sinners saved by the Grace of God Almighty. That none of us are better than the worst sinner (There but for the Grace of God, go I) but only that we have received the Salvation freely given by a loving and gracious God, though Jesus His Son. To know the truth is to deal with the truth and the truth only, as I once heard, tellers are trained to find counterfeit money by learning the real thing, not by trying to learn all the fake.

What it isn’t, is a negative site,  its not to point fingers, judge others or used to speak negative of anyone or even other religions. Remember satan is the enemy! It is our responsibility to be of support to other believers with encouragement as well as being a soundboard for people that have issues they deal with and need prayer from someone that loves them. That is the person I wish to be and wish the same for all you!