Have you, in the process of reading the Old Testament, ever wondered how could the Hebrew Children turn on God after seeing His grace to them? I mean after all they saw the water open and allow them to cross then come back together and destroy their enemy, right?

Then after grumbling got manna and again grumbling got quail, and again grumbling got water. Maybe they thought grumbling was the way to get God to give them their needs? Or they felt like Moses should have known of their needs and had this God provide for them even before they asked and that is why the grumbling?

So many questions and no answers- or are they? How about us? Have we seen the grace of God in our lives and the lives of others? Oh, maybe not as spectacular as the water standing up but what about a peace, love and joy that none other can provide?

How about a friend or relative as they leave this world and we see a smile on their face as they look into an area we can’t see, or as with my Father-in-Law looked at his wife and, although he couldn’t make a sound, mouthed the word- Home!

Through her own tears she said, “Yes you’re going home.” He then lay back and closed his eyes- he was gone. Gone where? Where I will be one day seeing him and so many others I desire seeing, but mostly, I want to see Jesus.

It is Jesus and Jesus alone that makes it possible for me or anyone else to be there. So how do we look at our relationship with Him? Is it like the Hebrew Children did God? Is He “Up there somewhere” and we are down here?”

Is He this Great and Powerful Being, like the Hebrew Cloud, and we are so afraid of Him? Do we think He really don’t understand our needs so we either don’t talk to Him about them or we get angry when things don’t go as we feel they should?

Well He is this Great and Powerful Being, but He also is right here with us, oh I know you realize the Biblical part- He lives in us. But that is what your head knows, what about your heart, do you feel Him?

Is He that close to you, or maybe the question should be are you that close to Him? In my own life I have felt Him sitting in the car with me, and in my mind hearing Him talking to me. That was the greatest experience ever!!!

I have noticed, over the years, that He is as close as I want Him to be, because it isn’t Him it is me that moves. He is always there, I am the one that allows myself to read the things- I shouldn’t, look at the things- I shouldn’t, think the thoughts- I shouldn’t, do the things-I shouldn’t!

Have you ever though about the daily life you live, when no one sees what you think or do? Or maybe you feel this is a little sin like speeding a “little” I mean since the police won’t stop you then it must be ok, right?

For a long time I would NOT wear a seat belt, still forget it at times, but I wanted to be stopped. THAT LAW SHOULD NOT EXIST! So I wanted to force them into a jury trial, then an appeal, which would ultimately cost me $15.00 but cost them thousands, and who knows I may even win.

Should the law exist? That’s irrelevant the thing was, was I doing as God would have me too? No I wasn’t, it took a lost woman to point that out to me, I had to admit I was wrong, why? Because:

Romans 13: 1, 4a & 5:

Let everyone be subject to governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.
For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good.
Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.

Was I disobedient to God or not? Sure I was, it is a LOT more than a seat belt it was direct defiance to God’s Word and His Law concerning how I was to live to please Him. The question, how much do I really care??

So, now the important question- how do we get a close relationship with this Great and Powerful God where He sits and talks with us? That is the most simple of all things- we talk to Him, we read and study His awesome Word.

Then we joyfully obey ALL He says, seeking an intimate, personal, close relationship with Jesus, as you would your best friend (which He is the best you will ever find) truly caring what He says even about the little things.

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