Young people bring many teachings and experiences into their adult life, from home, school, and church settings. The first 18-20 years of life will many times determine how their lives will go as these teachings and experiences become manifested in the age group of 20-30. The teachings and experiences that are producing a negative result in marriage, relationships, careers, overall success in life, and in emotional and spiritual maturity must be dumped. How does this happen?

1. Drop the mask. Don’t pretend you do not have any problems. Especially, do not use your religious activities and relationship with God as a mask.

2. Admit you have issues and weaknesses. We all do.

3. Start asking questions about how your past has impacted your present. Identify and evaluate.

4. Re-examine Scriptural and church teachings, especially Bible verses taken out of context.

5. Is there any belief that is not “working” for you in a practical sense, or holding you back from spiritual and emotional maturity?

6. Seek forgiveness and restoration where necessary.

7. Identify specific things like anger, depression, or low self-esteem that are blocking you from growing as a person.

8. Use every available resource, tool, and strategy to overcome the negative things in your life. And get the help you need.


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