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God’s Word Revealed

Have you noticed when you read God’s Word many times you seem to find something you didn’t see before? I have that happen a lot that is why I never stop learning from the Bible.

As far as reading through, I’ve read the Old Testament 5 times and the New Testament 7 times. That is in addition to many many other readings.

Have done various studies on a particular subjects but haven’t even scratched the surface of this mighty Book written by God- yes He used men to pen the words on paper but it was written by Him and about Him to a people that need it!
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New Year “Resolutions”

As I sat reading from God’s Word there was some thoughts, I believe, He gave me. On, of course how we have a tendency to change something at the beginning of the year.

Examples: #1. To lose weight 2. Read God’s Word more 3.Pay off debts 4. A world of things so I will not try to name them all.

Many of those things we resolve to do in the New Year are “usually” good things so I won’t try to put any of them down, but the thought comes to me-

Why wait till the begging of the year? Why not as soon as we see the need of the particular situation?
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