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Jesus and Our Temporary Mentality

Today is the throw away generation. I remember the soda bottles that were returned to get a penny back to go towards the purchase of another drink, milk delivered in glass bottles.

I remember all bottles made of glass, and were used to place screws, nails etc in to keep separated. I remember feed sacks made of cloth, milk bottles returned to be refilled.

These cloth sacks were used but the lady of the house to make dresses for the girls and themselves and shirts for the boys and men of the family.

I remember everything was built to last for as long as you needed them.
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Jesus, Me and Dixie.

Dixie is my little dog. She sits in a chair and although I don’t see her, she is lying there with her head on the arm of the chair- looking at me!

Yes she just stares at me, I have been on my computer many times and looked back to see her staring at me. She loves me so!

The other day she was on my lap, she’s a small dog, and just leaned her head back and looked up into my face- as to say I adore you.

I take her with me sometimes when I go places, especially over night, she sits right up against me, with her head on my stomach napping.
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God’s In Charge

I get e-mails often where people are writing about what is happening, some are true and some aren’t, with our country that is temporal.

What do I mean by temporal?

The latest is the gun control issue. Got one today from a friend, written by “who knows who” because there is never a signature on the majority of those. The purpose is to upset, scare or cause some other emotional action from the readers.

These NEVER work on me because as with the Bible, I care what it says and why it states this at this particular time- at least I don’t have to look to see if the Bible is true or not- but I do with ALL other items I receive.

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