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Does Jesus Know You?

I hear many people say they are saved and base it on many things, like: I went forward in a church when I was a young, I am a member of _____ church, I don’t cuss, drink, smoke or do anything else that is bad.

Some will even say they accepted Jesus as their Savior back in____. In many of these cases you can clearly see that what they say doesn’t correspond with the life they live.

I remember, when I wasn’t what I pretended to be, I was watching miss nude America, the announcer was talking with one of the girls. She said she would win because she was a Christian and God would cause her to win.
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Nothing Can Compare To “IT”

What is the “IT” that nothing can compare to? It is a relationship with Jesus. He will not only forgive you of anything and everything you have done wrong BUT will help you to live His ideal life for you.

I have told of some of my sinful past and the things I went through even mentioned one case of my present where I was tempted. Will have more if God chooses to have me share but for now will talk about a love that amazes me and very little amazes me.

When we consider this God (Jesus) that hates sin and knowing what a sinner I was and still fail to do as I should. He created everything we can see and much we can’t. He is awesome to say the least!
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Leaving The Past, In The Past!

Nine years ago today we buried my wife of 364 days, yes she went home to be with Jesus the day before our first anniversary. This, as well as many things, has had an impact on my life but does not determine it.

As many of you know we have times in our lives that bring great joy and those that bring a terrible pain. But also as many of you know what is today will not necessarily be the same tomorrow. I had a friend once that would say, “This too will pass.”

That statement is so true, we can be on a mountain top with marring the perfect mate and within a year be in the valley holding their hand they take their last breath. The birth of a beautiful child to burry them, in our opinion, way too early.
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Does God Change His Mind?

In this study we will be looking at various Scriptures and I believe will get a true answer to the question, Does God change His mind.

The first thing we have to do when studying Scripture, notice I said studying, not to be confused with reading Scripture. I have read through the Bible 5 times New Testament 7, but study takes more time and research-from what we have read, so if we take notes as we are reading, it helps greatly when we study a particular subject in the Bible.

I love to do particular studies so I can know what God says about the things I wonder about. Inquiring minds want to know, where did I hear that before. LOL
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I have tried to encourage others to write posts for this site and my Friend Dean Burgess has. So I am very proud to post his message and believe it will be inspiring to you even more than anything I have placed in here so far:


We were talking just the other day about how God will sometimes use the strangest instruments to change peoples lives and to implement His will. I used to think that I knew all the answers to all the questions in this life, not just the FAQs, either. But I was just fooling myself.

When I was younger and a lot more arrogant, God sent me a gift: my wonderful stepdaughter. But this was a special gift. You see, I have a pretty high I.Q., not genius level, but close. The last time I was tested, I broke 160 on the Wechsler Adult Test, and believe me that was an interesting and strange 4+ hours.

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Trusting God regardless of what I see #3,

We have a tendency of either not asking God for His leadership or deciding He should aid us in what we have already decided to do, I mean it is a great idea and will bring praise to Him. Might even grow the church or cause people to see their need for Him so He has to be for it, right? Looking back, I can see many times in my own life He should have done things my way, NOT!

There are many times I can look back and see His Hand in things that came my way, which were always blessings. Some didn’t look like blessings in the beginning but as I trusted in Him I saw the final result and praise Him for them!
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